How can you support Hope Unite Methodist Church?

Attend Service. Sundays, 10:30 am Hope celebrates God’s love for each person and all of creation. Nursery care is provided if parents wish–but children are more than welcome for the entire service. The atmosphere is truly “come-as-you-are:” shirt and tie or shorts and sandals, whatever is comfortable for you. Each Sunday morning is a chance to experience acceptance, community and Christ.

Become Involved. Hope is an active church. Hands Mission: we participate in Habitat for Humanity, clean up after Hurricane Katrina, CROP Walk, MS Tram, Cancer Walk, Humane Society and more. Plus, if you have a favorite mission, chances are you’ll get support from the Hope family.

We’ve a prayer group, a Thursday night golf group, children Sunday School, monthly movie nights at Hope Church with potluck.

If you enjoy traditional church dinners: we’ve the Annual Corn Feed, the Annual Seminary Scholarship Salad Luncheon, the Turkey Dinner, the yearly apple-pie-bake.

Perhaps you wish to plug in your talents musically. Choir meets during the school year 9:30 am Sundays. Plus, we seek out a wide variety of special music all summer long. And, you’re invited to bring your acoustic or electric instrument and plug-in Sunday mornings. We’d love for you to share your God-given talent.

Or, maybe you have an idea, something you’d like to see happening in a church but haven’t yet. Let’s talk. Perhaps with God’s grace and a human commitment we can make something new and good happen.

Bring a Friend. Did you know most church people attend a church for the first time because they’ve been invited? (Not by the pastor. The church sign ranks higher on people’s reasons for attending a church than being invited by the pastor). No, someone who loves their church inviting another person to church is the most effective way of growing a church. It’s also the best gift you can give a friend–a community of care, especially if that community is gracious like Hope is. So, invite a friend. Offer to give your friend a ride. Hope will make sure your friend receives a warm welcome.

Donate Online. 24/7/365 Hope Church is available to meet human needs. Yes, we rest; we play; we take vacations. But, if and when a need arises Pastoral Care, a Prayer Chain, Cards, Letters, Phone Calls all become the hands and love of Christ in action. Your gift keeps Hope’s ministries alive, including this website where you can be in touch with Hope even if you’re away for a week, or can pause to pray at the virtual on-line chapel when it is completed. One of the newest ways you can contribute is via PayPal.